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This community is located in the town of East Gillimbury. Its about a 5 minute drive to Newmarket. This town is the most chills town ever. There are 2 bars, which are fucken sick and everybody in the town smokes Marijuana and other various drugs such as Mushrooms and what not. There are more drug dealers then pregnet moms in this town, which is chill. Another word for Holland Landing is the H.L. and thats what all us local kids call it. The H.L. is close to a dump of a town called River Drive Park don't get this place confused with the H.L. as River Drive Park is the defention of the word Hick.
Lets go for a drive to the H.L. to buy some drugs.

Mom the Holland Landing bus never came
by kp@15 April 03, 2011
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holland landing is a VERY small town located in ontario. the town is within the community of east gwilumburry. we are known for growing ontario's veggies, and our drugs. Holland landing is pretty boring but really chills. all you can do is walk. Mac's is the place where most people chill. holland landing is so filled with druggies we're called flower town. H.L. is the nickname for holland landing, because holland landing is just too long to say. RDP/river drive park, is the most disgusting, duggie filled place of life. RDP is supposed to be a trailor park, but it's where people live. do not mix it up with H.L. because H.L. is clean at least. people say RDP is the disgrace of H.L.
"where do you live?"
"Holland Landing"
"what the hell is that?!"
"a place to get stoned"

kid: "mom can i go for a walk with my friends?"
mom: where are you going to walk to?"
kid: ''macs"
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