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A roommate who sleeps with every woman he possibly can, including 30 year old ex wives(which have 2 kids), too total up the amount of people slept with above the 30 mark. He then denies the fact that he could have an STD and refuses to get tested for it. Thus making all of his other roommates wash there hands in an over excessive manner to avoid any kind of contact.
Andrew: “So Holland, how many women have you been with?”
Holland: “Don’t worry about it?”
Andrew: “Don’t you worry about getting an STD?”
Holland: “Don’t worry about it?”

The next day…..

Holland: “Hey Andrew, guess what girl I banged last night?”
Andrew: “I don’t know, who?”
Holland: “Another 30 year old I met at the bar!”

P.S. Symptoms of the Holland Denial Syndrome might include partial baldness at a young age……..
by Matt Spangler January 24, 2008
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