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1. The surprise/ shock of an upcoming holiday, and denying it being that holiday, because it "snuck up on you"
2. The feeling of remorse you get after a certain holiday is over, meaning you will have to wait another year for it to come again
3. The out right inability to accept a holiday being over, shown by continuing to celebrate long after it is necessary
4. Refusing to celebrate a holiday
"I can't believe it's Christmas already! Last time I looked it was October... Is it really tomorrow? I must be in holiday-denial. "

Becky: "So there goes another Valentines day... Without a date... I really thought something special would happen... Maybe next year"
Cindy: "you have total holiday-denial."

"Those guys are still doing fireworks? It's like 2 am!!"
"it's holiday-denial my friend. They can't accept that it's over."

Jim the douche: "Yeah I'm a vegan so I choose to give thanks by not killing a turkey for this day"
Rick: *whispers* "holiday-denial"
by Itsqaffletime July 05, 2013
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