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When you have an important and mandatory event or responsibility that stands between you and a vacation. Can be anything from a midterm the day before Thanksgiving break to babysitting right before Spring break. Usually, these things will happen at the latest possible time they can be offered. One would add "Massive" right before the term if they were being stopped from enjoying a truly epic event.
Shalmi: What're you doing for Winter break?
Jody: Chilling in South Beach, fucking hella bitches, and getting loads of guap. Gonna be sick. But I got a goddamn calc and bio midterm to knock off first. Literally, its the last day of classes.
Shalmi: Damn, n*gga, that's some serious Holiday Blue Balls right there.
Jody: Bet.
by HishamCame November 18, 2012

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