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An Ice Cream Cocktail
The Infamous Ice Cream Cocktail "Hofty Wofty" Originated in Chatham, Kent, United Kingdom by Stacey Bear in November 2009.

The dessert comprises of multiple flavoured ice creams (Vanilla, Pistachio, Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mint, Raspberry Ripple and Lemon Sorbet)
with Honeycomb, Jelly Tots, Nuts, Edible Silver and Pink Balls, Flake, Chocolate Sprinkles, Toffee Chocolate & Strawberry Sauce, Squrty Cream and a Wafer with a dusting of Cocoa Powder to finish...

These ingredients must be layered in order of personal preference
by Stacey Bear & Lawrence Pig November 30, 2009

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