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A term originally introduced by the clever, yet utterly forgotten, 80's hair metal band, Malt Likker. It was when frontman Jakke Likker was describing his aftershow exploits with bandmates and cohorts on May 19th of the year of our lord nineteen hundred and eighty four. In passing conversation with guitarist Zakke Likker, the term was coined.
Jakke: Well, oh yeah!
Zakke: Well, alright?!
Jakke: WELL, OH YEAH!!
Zakke: Wah tah tah!
Jakke: Oh yeah! Hoes-go-down!
by Caine November 27, 2003
A sexually loose woman, perticularly oral sex.
Bro, peep that stip club up on 8th street, I been hearin' them hoes go down real eazy jack.
by Dr-Dyna September 23, 2003
1. (n.) A woman or man of trampy or sexual oriented nature.
2. (v.) The act of having sex with a woman or man of trampy or sexual oriented nature.
1. My Hoe's-Go-Down's be the best in town.
2. He be all Hoe's-Go-Down all over the place.
by -... .. - -.-. .... September 21, 2003