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An exquisite Belgian wheat beer, cloudy and pale in color (referred to as white ale) with a smooth, interesting taste. Hoegaarden is hinted with coriander and orange peel, which give it its distinct flavor. According to Hoegaarden tradition, it must be drank from a hexagonal glass and finished in 3 gulps. If not finished in 3 gulps, Odin himself will personally come down from Asgard and rip out one of your friends' eyes with his bare hands.

There is no compromising the fact that Hoegaarden is the greatest beer in the world. Everybody should know it and drink it whenever possible. If you don't, then you, sir, are an idiot.
Emilio: What are you drinking?

Raj: Miller Lite.

(Thor enters the room and throws his hammer, Mjolnir, into Raj's face, ending his life.)

Emilio: Shoulda had a Hoegaarden, idiot.
by Chernorizets Hrabr June 09, 2007
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by Jebus September 27, 2003
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the name of a durch beer but simultaneously used by dutch youth to describe a club that is visited by lots of skanky women.
Damn Peta, it's like a hoegaarden up in this joint!
by jaronimoe September 19, 2016
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