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Miley Cyrus experimenting with her boyfriend.
Tonight Miley Cyrus is gonna get her hoedown throwdown with her boyfriend.
by Aspintacular April 10, 2009
a dance that originated from the hannah montana movie.
"let's do the hoedown throwdown, it's addictive!"
by sellybelly April 06, 2009
When a man pays for prostitution (hoe), throws her on to his car (throw) and goes down. By prostitute, I mean Miley Cyrus, and by man, I mean a 30 year old who goes to her shows, front stage to try and catch a glimpse of underage Disney paradise
Mike: Hey man, I went to a Miley gig and saw something special during the hoedown throwdown! When she "country-fied" it. I blew my load
Greg: Dude, you're like 30, she's like 12! Now give me my pizza and fuck off to your basement.
by Conrad The Amazer November 16, 2009
When you throw a prostitute to the ground just after killing her.

And by prostitute, I mean Miley Cyrus.
I just performed the Hoedown Throwdown
by Spockling September 21, 2010
when one girl (usually a nina) fucks the shit out a guy (usually a duque) until his dick falls off....then the girl will usually eat it.
Damn i want to do a hoedown throwdown in colombia
by fubbafubbacubba April 14, 2009