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A.K.A: Hoetector

Some absolutely clueless soul that wrangles a hoe, slam pig, or cock tease into coming to a gathering and commits the atrocity of following her around constantly just to insure that she doesn't slam some other dude(s).

In order to be labeled a Hoe Protector you must fulfill the minimum requirements:

1.) The girl must be a documented hoe, either by previous personal knowledge or the fact that she has already open mouth kissed at least 4 dudes in the previous hour.

2.) There must be an inherent "creep" factor associated with the guy including, but not limited to; following or shadowing, constant staring, hover hands, forced seclusion, cock blocking, and bathroom guarding.

3.) (Hoe Protection to the 5th Degree only, see below) The guy constantly talks shit about the other dudes at the party in an attempt to make himself the number one draft pick for the hoe. (Seriously, who clipped your balls?)

Hoe Protection to the 5th Degree is a capital offense and if convicted in court, the defendant must admit his Hoe Protector status to both the offended parties and the hoe itself. If the defendant commits multiple counts of Hoe Protections over time, he can be labeled as a level 3 Hoe Protector and must notify all neighbors within a quarter mile radius of his level 3 status.
Mike: Whose that chick that Leo brought over? Is he slamming that?

Harry: Nothing special, shes just some pig fresh out of the pen. He wants to slam it, but hes too busy being a Hoe Protector to every dude that looks at her to win that battle.
by Chauncellor February 15, 2012
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