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a bucket o' hoes
Joe: Hey, what do you want to do tonight?
Steve: Lets go grab ourselves a hoe bucket.
Joe: HOES!!!
by Meathammer and Thongbreaker April 09, 2009
One of those insults you come up with on the spot to try and get that darn bully to just leave you alone already. Though it turns out it just gets you made fun of worse, but your friends thought it was funny so you just use it to describe people you don't like.
Friend: Hey do you know Destiny?

You: Ew, yeah. She's a Hoe Bucket.
by Slenderman November 25, 2014
A guy who shows his penis to girls at parties so they will pay attention to him.
I wasn`t interested in him till the hoebucket showed me his 8".
by Anti-Keebler Elf October 27, 2003
a bucket full of hoes
"Lets go to the hoebucket!"
"megan is a hoebucket"
by Emil October 23, 2003
1. in a sense, booty
2. a very hoe lookin girl
3. someone you feel like insulting
Dang, that girl is a ho bucket, look at the shirt or lack thereof she is wearing.
by Al and Fred November 25, 2003
The tin hand held bucket held by a ho with a twitch as she spits watermelon seeds into it. The bucket makes a distinct "ping" sound as the seed hits the side of the bucket
The cleaning lady is a hoe bucket!
by Brad M L January 09, 2007
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