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Myspace spam in the form of a beautiful (though often not) girl who wants be your friend, talk to you, or be your girlfriend. Generally they are completely fictional, but sometimes they will actually have conversations with you via instant messaging.Most likely, you'll be talking to a man.
"IT'S A TRAP! Dude, that girl doesn't want to be your friend, she's a Hoe Bot and she wants you to pay fifteen bucks a month for her pornsite."
by smokeycut December 26, 2008
A slutty Rizon robot that follows its masters' every will.
Be a hoebot and tell me what servers are split.
by anon97 June 21, 2005
Hoe Bots can be various computer programs on social networking sites that lure a person to a pay porn site or a web cam site.
I saw all these twitter hoe-bots started following me all of a sudden. I'm not going to follow you or click on your misleading links.
by chibivix December 19, 2011
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