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The Hobo Equation also known as the homeless equation is a simple equation in which to roughly estimate the number of Homeless individuals that exist in a given area. The equation as it stands today is H=0.0247P-.000862X^2 Where H is the number of Homeless people in one square kilometer P is the population of the given city and X is the distance in meters.
This Equation shown using a mock position 10km outside of a city of 3.5 million people
H= 0.0247*3 500 000 - 0.000862(10 000)^2 H= 86 450 - 86 200 H=250
Therefore there would be on average 250 homeless people per square kilometer 10km away from the centre of the city.

I.E. I used the hobo equation and there are 250 hobos in this area!
by Christian Irwin April 29, 2007
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