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Considered an artform, hobgoblin-ing is the process by which a fake social congregation intending to rendezvous at an unpopular pub is invented promising the presence of a Phil Andrews or any given ginger, who is currently out of the country. Only the most reclusive and gullible individuals of a social group will actually ask when or actually turn up to the event, which they later find to be non-existent. The said individual is said to be Hobgoblin'd - laughter at the idiot's expense ensues.

The origins stem from the Great Hobgoblin'ing of 2009, in which the social-phobic Glassy asked what time to turn up to a non-existent gathering at the Hobgoblin pub.
Glassy - Hi guys! What time is everyone getting to the Hobgoblin for?

by Free Mansons October 15, 2010
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