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the shiz
man that is the HOBBZ yo!
by Jeremy March 30, 2003
The sweetest guy around. A total package man, gets all the ladies.

alternative definition: Something that is the coolest.
That guy over there is the HOBBZ.

Hey! Did you see that guy ride the wall? That was HOBBZ.
by J-Hobbz January 17, 2005
A phrase coined to a person who is devoid of the ability to do something on time.
Darniel -Yo dawg you were 2 hours late, where the heck were you?

Joe - Sorry i just got really high and forgot so i went to 5 different fast food restaurants instead.
Fennerz - You're a real Hobbz, you know that?
by Poopy Slee April 04, 2010
type of person . instead of using nigga or dog
ayo you better flee hobbz
by fckn pen January 16, 2011
Hobbz is a prick, it doesn't matter what you say because he is an absolute and complete arsehole and your opinion probably doesn't matter.
If you happen to be in a public shopping centre and want to look at a cunt quickly but happen to be in a country where rape is deemed as illegal then you can quickly turn around to look at Hobbz in order to fulfill your desire.
by Clarence Spitsfire May 10, 2010