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1. Term to describe a friend, relative or someone you don't even know ... when they abruptly upset you. It is generally stated in a louder tone than the rest of your speech.

2. After retelling of the stories in which you have used the term for its def#1 purposes (and laughing) ... it can begin to be used as a greeting or even a term-of-endearment.

3. See also HoAssBitchInTraining/HABI T -- One who observes the antics of an (HAB) and begins to repeat them.

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1. I was about to make that left turn when this HoAssBitch/HAB came through and just cut me off !

2. Hey, good to see you again, HoAssBitch/HAB. ~OR~ Can you hand me that thing over there, please ... HoAssBitch/HAB?

3. Her daughter acts just like her, she's just a HABIT.

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This definition is inspired by my "at the time" 10-year old son, who was arguing with his step-brother over a tee-shirt. In a note, written by the culprit and found after-the-fact ... the actual terminology recorded was:

"Yeah, but he is a fucking ho ass bitch though ... ain't he ?"

Which has since become a house-hold term and circulated amongst a good number of friends and co-workers. (Though he isn't silly enough to cuss around us anymore ... as he may again, never hear the end of how it sounds !)
by MrChris August 22, 2007