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"Ho Daddy bullshit" is specific to an early 1980s British interpretion of American Rock n Roll, performed most explicitly by corporate mega band "Dire Straights". Unlike his contemporaries, Knopfler adopted categorically American themes and voices with scarcely a trace of customary British persona, interpretation or intellect to be found. in this fashion he both deluded the Global following which he would be enabled to achieve, while further diluting an already questionable "Music Trend" of "Guitars, Bars and Cars, Werkin Class Hillbilly Pop".

some other sub categorical artists of "Ho Daddy Bullshit" sound could be John "Cougar" Melancamp, Brian Adams, Bruce Springsteen and John Fogerty". although it should be clarified, that with the latter's more obvious authenticity, long term credibility and geographic proximity to the textures and events that make up the genre, would in fact NOT be considered HO DADDY BULLSHIT, as is defined primarily by one Mark Knopfler.
If i have to hear the that ho daddy bullshit one more time i am going to drive a spike through my ear.
by Angry Johnny April 06, 2010
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