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One of the many styles available to choose from in the art of pubic hair design.

The Hitler mustache involves shaving the pubic hair from either side, and the area directly above the genitalia, leaving a thin strip which quite looks like Der Fuehrer's preferred brand of whiskers.
To spice up her marriage, Jean shaved her pussy hair into a Hitler mustache.

Rabbi Kawolski was quite offended when the centerfold had a Hitler mustache.
by Trunkbutt April 24, 2003
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When someone sticks their finger in their ass, and wipes the fecal matter left on their finger, across a sleeping friend's upper lip. Leaving them with a hitler stache.
Man, Joe gave me a hitler mustache last night while I was sleeping.
by Biw Black December 16, 2006
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This phrase refers to the notorious dictator, Hilter, or one of his characteristic personal images.

Further, this phrase is used to express a compared or direck relationship between the object and Fascism or Hitler himself.
My political opposition puts the Hitler mustache on me.
by Yahoo 知識家 October 22, 2009
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when u take shit from ur ass and u smear the shit on ur frends face so it looks like a hitler mustache
guy: hey kid u got some crap there
butters: sir, that wud be my face
by justin December 22, 2004
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The greatest outfit rock and roll will ever know.
Boy howdy, those fellers from Hitler's Moustache certainly posess the ability to bring the noise.

(hitler mustache)
by son of leviticus October 13, 2006
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When someone gives a person oral and the pubic hair of the "receiver" falls out. the hair then sticks to the "givers" face on their upper lip giving them a hitler mustache.
I was eaten my girlfreind out last night and i got a hitler mustache. I ain't ever doin that shit again.
by that guy February 01, 2005
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