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A phrase used to describe action in various situations. Most commonly used to describe taking a hit from a bong or a joint, but can also be used to describe 'hitting' a bottle of booze. etc.
Also used to describe sexual activities.
1. Hit that shit and pass it over here.
2. He is so hot. If I had the opportunity I would definitely hit that shit.
by YourMom June 28, 2004
34 9
1. to take a puff off a cigarette or marijuana joint.

2. to hit a object with a fist or other object.

3. to have sex with a girl.
Rodney offered me a fresh joint so I hit that shit.

Biff had a annoying friend so he hit that shit with a ball bat.

Mirna told me she was horny so I hit that shit all night.
by a neighbor July 27, 2004
73 6
what to say when a person is taking too long to hit and pass the joint. its considered the proper thing to say
Man! Hit that shit or pass it!
by MarleyLives February 19, 2003
16 3