When someone comes over to smoke pot with you and then leaves right after, typically giving a stupid excuse as to why, as opposed to staying and chilling.
"man, i think joe just used us to smoke some bud."
"yeah dude, that was a hit and run."
by mangela meep September 11, 2012
a meaningless one night stand
I hope you got insurance, bitch, 'cause I'm gonna pull a hit and run on your ass.
by Herb N. Dictionary October 25, 2002
When someone says something offensive, inappropriate, or in any way goon-like, on Facebook Chat, and then immediately goes offline to avoid consequences of the comment.

A Hit and Run is a sure example that the offender has Bitch in the Blood as well.
Eno: Damn DJ, remember when I whooped you in NCAA Football last night?!

DJ: You had Florida and I had Kent State, and you still only one by a game winning Field Goal!

Facebook Message: Eno is no longer online, and the message could not be sent.

DJ: God bless, he just delivered a nasty Hit and Run!
by DJWein3 September 04, 2009
When you go to the washroom, take a shit and purposely (or accidentally) don't flush and walk way or leave the scene of the crime.
Dood, my girlfriend totally accidentally pulled a hit and run at my house last night, and by the time I got to it, the whole fucking room smelled like assholes.
by The Myuh Guy December 02, 2009
Thee act of knocking some bitch to the floor unconscious with any foreign object them inserting your old fruit that you don't want in her pussy and when she wakes up to her surprise rotten shit in her pussy making it smell twice as shitty than it was before
So some bitch throws her drink on me so a committee thee act of hit and run and watch while laughing at her half naked ugly ass
by JoeTHEEAverage November 12, 2011
Get the most sex you can from a girl and when you cant get anymore dump her sorry ass.
I went out with her for a month and pulled a hit and run
by Cheese O May 28, 2004
when your homies come over, smoke all your bud, and then leave
"sorry to hit and run brah but i gotta get home soon"

"i smoked that nigga out and he pulled a hit and run"
by jewstein September 01, 2007
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