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A INSANE academic competition in which middle and high school students create a documentary, performance, exhibit or paper about a local topic. In the process these students face there wits' end as competition further divides a cliquey middle school and people start losing even more sleep. If you can survive history fair then you can survive middle school.
"OMFG! History Fair!"
Teacher:So how long did you spend on History Fair
Student:I dunno like every minute of my free time
Teacher: You still haven't put in your best effort. As a student of INSERT SCHOOL NAME HERE we expect more than you even though you are going to get your butt kicked by some rich kids in the suburbs.
by The Talented Mr. Jefferson May 06, 2007
a history fair is an unimaginative assignment given by a history teacher craving the recognition of his or her science teaching peers
history teachers got jealous of science teachers legitamacy and decided it needed its own history fair
by tommáwesome22 January 31, 2014
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