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1. A word for a great mechanic of all things known to man. Can fix anything from old lawn mowers to brand new all terrain vehicles.

2. A word describing a man with incredible drug tolerance. A Hissem can do large amounts of cocaine without dying.
3. A word that describes a man that sees false animals that talk to him, such as a catatafish
4. A word that describes a very well-endowed man, but is prone to have many STD's
5. A word that describes an extremely homosexual man, who cannot wait to get his fill with his next stud.
6. A word that descibes a man that has an obsession with Polaris all terrain vehicle company and has a passion for them
Wow, that Hissem just did an 8-ball of cocaine to the face and he just took a nap!!!!

Hissem is such a good mechanic, he makes that Bruno guy down the street look like he is working on things with his eyes stitched shut!
by Lemmiwinks22 November 02, 2011

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