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-A state of being typically seen in the (female) Hispanic community. Characterized by increased heart rate, rapid respirations, crying, wailing, fainting or fake fainting.

-Often seen in a setting of extreme grief, sadness or anger.

-A term sometimes used by emergency personnel on scene at an emergency.

- Sometimes, just a show for some attention at a mexican funeral.
-My tia walked in on Hector and Veronica having sex last night; she got all mad and went into Hispanic panic.

-So yesterday at Angel's funeral, my mom started crying hysterically and wailing at the casket. She ended up fainting , so we called 911. The EMT called it Hispanic panic.

by XSHEENX June 29, 2008
When a large number of hispanics meet in one room and cause a big stir. Most often seen in hospital waiting rooms.
When my mom was in the hospital for heart surgery, the lobby was full of hispanicpanic.
by speechtx May 20, 2009