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Someone who wears a band shirt under another layer of clothing in which the shirt is not visible.
Before going to the listening party of the up and coming indie band The National's new album, Adrian Brody put on his concert shirt he bought from their first tour in 1999 under his sweater. Adrian Brody is a hipster in disguise.
#hipster #hipster doofus #indie #counter-culture #independent
by TeddieRoosevelt April 17, 2010
A hipster that wears mainstream clothing.
Person 1: I heard Mark is a hipster.
Person 2: No way! Look at his clothes.
Person 1: Look at his iPod, he left it at Starbucks.
Person 2: Wow! He's a Hipster in Disguise!
#hipster #ipod #disguise #ironic #hip #mainstream
by infinite8 November 26, 2011
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