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Really, really, REALLY ugly woman.

Word comes from a theoretical cross between a hippopotamus, a crocodile and a pig. Do the math, she's a bit rough.
My mother in law is a right hippocrocapig.
by Caffy March 03, 2006
A female who is not atractive at alll, used in the same context as "Moose".
Strewth, she's a right hippocrocapig! I would need to drink Belgium to go to bed with her!
by Not a Mullha November 03, 2006
A woman who would be described as having a 'nice personality'. In reality she's just in danger of being harpooned.
Jeez man, tell me you didn't. She's a hippocrocapig! I wouldn't touch her with yours!
by EddyEinstein January 27, 2011