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Being "hippie-queer" is not defined by the clothes you are wearing or the music you listen too, but the attitude in which you behold. Most people who are "hippy-queer" are mellow, laid-back, have that "i don't care" attitude about school and adults. It does NOT mean that you are a gay hippy, but a genuinely relaxed really cool person. Most people like you and most hippy-queers smoke pot, but not all. They are slightly eccentric but, true hippy-queers don't really care. Listens to mostly good music although some might find it weird and rather odd. Use words like: goonin (playing around;goofing off), rad (cool), stoked (excited), man (referring to a comrade), everythings copestetic (its all good) no worries (pretty explanatory). Most of all hippy-queers are badass!
-Did you just see that Hippie-queer?

-Dude yes! She's soo cool and has an amazing taste in music!
by hippy-queershady580 December 26, 2009
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