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Being under the influence of LSD, Psychedelic Mushrooms and Marijuana. Popularized by the Hippie generation of the 1960s, this Hippie Trifecta High is categorized by extreme hallucinations, spiritual connections with others and the universe, chilling out and an extreme interest in jam band music. In modern times the Hippie Trifecta is rarely seen outside of a hippie music festival or concert.
Dude 1: "Oh my gosh, the Grateful Dead concert was awesome, I was tripping so hard."

Dude 2: "Did you complete the Hippie Trifecta?"

Dude 1: "Not only that, I got my hands on some PCP and cocaine."

Dude 2: "Damn dude, you were fucked up. Don't kill yourself."
by Deadhead Don September 21, 2010
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