Another band that totally ripped off Nickelback's sound

Also their singer sounds like a goat with a soar throat and he holds his arm like a kid with down syndrom in the music video of Lips of an Angel
Hinder, Theory of a Deadman etc. all ripped off Nickelback's sound
by Randakkio Tipos November 24, 2006
Greatest Band EVERR!!!!

Just when we settled in with nickleback, something better rolls our way.

"Hinder can suck my bawls with the lips of an angel."
by Pee and Vagee July 19, 2008
Hinder,... God I fell sorry for them. If it wasn't for the raido i'm sure people wouldn't hate them so much. They make alright music, but it gets old WAY fast...

Not much more to say.

They dont suck balls like nickelback.
Guy 1: Heard "lips of an angel yet"
Guy 2: Are you fucking joking? The raido plays that song OUT!

Guy 1: yea, I fell sorry for hinder.
by nbmmr2 November 08, 2006
a band from the West coast of Scotland that make really good noise
check oot hinder . vze . com its the place to be!
by SanJ Street August 03, 2003
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