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/adj./ A word used to describe an absolutely, incredibly and ludicrously bad run of luck. Also: hin'son-ed, hin'son-ing, hin'son-ification.
Let me get this straight....your wife is on Zoloft cuz she is friggin' nuts...she has totaled two new cars...she is planning ta leave you, and take your boy...and you just bought her a new diamond ring, a new car, a house, and fake tits?? So now your gonna have to pay child support and declare bankruptcy? Damn man, you are knee-deep in a hin'son!
by The Megahoser June 29, 2005
a guy who likes samuel l. jackson and bob dole. One eyebrow is higher than the other. He reminds his girlfriend of dead birds. He also says "Youre a terrible stuntman," "this is madness," and "that's what she said," alot. Freakishly tall, poofy hair, and knows what the Harry Potter is.
"That Hinson is madness."
by MJMM August 15, 2008
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