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10 Years ago Hilliard Ohio was all Country. 10 years later, 100's of businesses have brought their company to Hilliard, Ohio. Property values have raised way up seince Hillard first became a city. Now there are beautiful gated sub divisions ranging from $300,000 to Over A Million. Heritage Lakes, River Landings, Western Lakes, && more. Hilliard shares part of it's city with Dublin, Ohio (Check out the dublin definition). Hilliard is a beautiful suburb with classsy & gorgeous looking people, beautiful homes, and many places to shop & dine. Viva La Hilliard :)
Shelly: Where do we go to pick you up?

Cara: Heritage Lakes.. 2nd road turn right. You'll see a big house with a half circle driveway. You'' pull around a large fountain and park. Then call me.

Shelly: Go figure... a typical Hilliard, Ohio house!
by Gina Marcelli November 04, 2005