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(1) The Japanese Word for a traditional Holly plant.
(2) A Christmas orniment, symbollic to a winters wreath, but with

(3) Based off the Anime Character "Hiiragi Wasabi" off AKL! The Trio of Loss; 'Hiiragi' is also known
"The Japanese goddess of music" or

(4) Hiiragi can be english slang for "Mena's (The Moon's) Waxing Phase"
(EG 1) "The Hiiragi is a beautiful Red berry with spiney leaves"
(EG 2) "Decking the Halls with Boughs of Hiiragi!"

(EG 3) "Her voice was as beautiful and as a Hiiragi's Kiss"

(EG 4) "As Hiiragi glowed in the night sky, the stars danced graciously in her luminant presence"
by Wasabi bat December 29, 2010
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