Defines someone as a person who is high or gets high.
Man, that dude is a total high on!
by The Godfather February 10, 2005
Top Definition
A Person Who Gets High Off Of Anything ... usually Marijuana lol ALOT
umm like snoop lol " snoop is a highon" "insert name here your an effen highon]
by jxmadison August 14, 2008
A high on is some one who gets off on getting high. Much like a cop who gets off on giving these same kids a hard time. A high-on will do anything it takes to get high on mary jane, they often are skilled in creating bongs out of pop bottles and pens, and are good to have around when weed smoking is clutch.
"Marty you high on, where are those papers?"
by mioke December 05, 2007
High-on Someone who smokes Dope all the time.
A person that likes to get high all day.
Kensie is such a high-on. She smokes dope all day long!! "what a stoner!"
She is such a high-on that she is totally waxed.
by ~R~ October 29, 2007
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