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A generic town in Buckinghamshire, England.

Used to be famous for chairs, now it's famous because the terrorists that planned to use liquids to blow up planes lived there.

It also has a new shopping centre which everyone whinged about when it opened, but it's still full of people all the time.

An important RAF command base is also nearby so if there's nuclear war, goodbye High Wycombe and all of the generally normal people that live there (except for all the chavs and druggies).
"I'm from High Wycombe."
by tekta October 10, 2009
82 51
The BEST place in the world. 6057 baby :)
Where you from?
High Wycombe dards ;)
by asdfghjkl;12qwertyuiop[ August 18, 2009
34 23
The absolute most bogan place to live in all of Western Australia. Most commonly known just as `Wycombe`, public drunkeness, domestics and emo/goth/homeless people fighting over soggy packets of cigarettes on the street are a daily occurance.
`I got punched in the face yesterday for $3`
`You live in High Wycombe?`
by Angie Edition January 03, 2011
17 16
A small town of posh cunts
Adam: This place is so small and has so many posh cunts.
Sian: Yeah, its High Wycombe.
by King Pu May 12, 2009
17 55