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Private University located in High Point, North Carolina. Students consist of mostly northern, mostly preppy students and easy/slutty girls. The guys are mostly preppy and spend too much time obsessing over the easy girls. The students can be found walking around campus going to frat parties, at Club triangle, or drinking in their dorm rooms. High Point is quickly rising in competitiveness and popularity, especially in Maryland and North.
High Point University is extraordinary!
by Panthers22 May 03, 2009
A hotel instead of a college. They worship their president and quote him like he is God. For kids who aren't smart enough to get into Elon and their parents don't know where else to send them. Really nice but not worth it because these kids will be living off of daddy's trust fund forever.
Person 1: Want to go to the steakhouse?
Person 2: Yeah! Boy, does High Point University prepare us well for the real world?
Person 1: Yeah for sure, like the president says, "Goodnight"
by callmepaul April 22, 2011

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