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Usually referred to as simply High Tech, it is a magnet high school in North Bergen, New Jersey, whose mascot is the contreversial and mysterious lasercat. You should only go there if you're interested in musical theater or science because every other course sucks. It recieves an inordinant amount of applicants and only accepts the ridiculously low percentage of around 10%. However, it is only difficult to get into if you are white because the school attempts to keep a racial gradient of about 50% hispanic, 30% indian, 15% asian, 10% black, and 5% white. Because of this, the only white kids that get in are usually smart while the rest of the students range from above average to mildly retarded.

As previously mentioned, the science courses and the musical theater department are spectacular. However, literally every other subject blows fat donkey dick and a good fourth of the students are smarter than most of their teachers.

High Tech used to be filled with pretty cool kids but is now full of annoying musical theater kids who burst into song at every opportunity and are open or closeted homosexuals, gameboy-hugging nerds who spend their free time studying, and overly-religious muslims who spout absurdly conservative views as if they are fact.

In every class, there will be a small handful of really cool kids (probably from Bayonne or Hoboken) but almost everyone else acts like a ten year old and probably hasn't stayed out past 10 PM once in their life.
Random kid: Dude, you go to High Tech High School? That sucks.
High Tech Kid: I know, man, I hate everyone. I'm having trouble getting to sleep because the showtunes, gameboy sounds, and religious zealotry won't get out of my head.
Random kid: You're from Hoboken though, why didn't you go to school in the city?
High Tech kid: Too expensive, bro. But fuck talking about High Tech, let's go smoke a dub.
by stickabutta August 30, 2010
High Tech High School is a public magnet high school in North Bergen, New Jersey. It is filled with an increasing number of students each and every year with retarded little freshmen. The whole entire school is filled with pot heads of all ages and sizes, which is where High Tech High School gets its name. Usually an astounding number of incoming freshmen come to this school thinking they will achieve flawless, superlative grades only to come out half drunk with a gram of dub in their mouth.

High Tech's performing arts (dance) program is filled with countless numbers of gay homosexuals and whores who believe that they can dance. This almost makes the entire program a huge LGBT club. The science program is filled with teachers who could do with an ESL class. Science majors are full of orthodox Muslims who literally reference Allah in everything that they say, and Chinks and Curry-smelling Indians who masturbate to multivariate calculus. The other programs in the school is full of so much shit that taking a shit on it will make my shit look bad. Therefore, it is not worth talking about, aforementioned in the above entry.
The programs are shit, the students are shit, and the teachers are shit. What more could anyone ask for in a blue ribbon school?
Student 1: Dude, what school do you go to?
Student 2: I go to High Tech High School...
Student 1: Yo you got some dope?
Student 2: Dude don't even, just walk into the school and you get high as fuck.
by lasercat October 07, 2013
The quintessence of a deteriorating school, High Tech High School, will soon meet its cul-de-sac in a couple of years, as its hallways flood with a superfluous number of slightly inept so-called intellectuals. Quite surprisingly, the average ken of first year individuals appears to be an exponentially decaying graph. Sadly enough, this alleged “elitist” school has become none other than a haven for socially troubled individuals who lack the capacity for social interaction. This results in an astounding number of clownish acts that spontaneously inundates the institution. Mental maturation appears to be at its nadir, and quite a rare sighting in High Tech’s “scholars.”

Aside from the lack of International Baccalaureate programs, High Tech could thrive with courses such as Introduction to Pavlov: Animal Behavior 101, Learn English: for non-native speakers, and several Alcoholics Anonymous sessions. Providentially, this period is only transitory in nature, and results in a smooth transition to hyper-grade grubbers, dweebs, psychotic pot heads, alcoholics, and a few dealers to top it all off. One may argue that with such diversity, High Tech must really provide a cultural cornucopia of races. That is in fact the utmost truth: a handful of people from the Jersey City cornbread gang, the Hoboken rednecks’ cracker association, Bayonne Allah-dins, math solving slot machines, the classic 7-11 clan hailing from Jersey City, and NB-UC-WNY Over the border: ¡Vivan los Tacos!

TL;DR: No.
Freshman from High Tech High School: (opens mouth)
Upperclassman: Freshman, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
by JeanFrancois November 13, 2014
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