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If you have some grace and musical talent(not all guards have this, but ours do and 80% of us play all sorts of musical instruments{most are 1st-3rd out of 5 or more chairs in Concert/Symphonic Band/Choir/Orchestra/Guitar class in their section or have ability to be in more than two instrument sections} and WE GOT RHYTHM AND EXPRESSION like no one's business... kinda required from then good for your guard.
WE ARE NOT CHEERLEADERS/TWIRLERS. In order for our school's cheerleading team to "look" good while performing, they need to have certain and various amounts of body control, balance, muscle, body awareness, timing, and smiles. These are not hard once you get them down but these are NOT EASY either. NOT ALL GUARDS HAVE THIS but ours do- according to this at some level, we get along with the cheerleaders and we appreciate each other.
Twirlers... I have no exact idea who they are so i can't judge them...
All i know is that twirlers twirl.
7. guard or CG (colorguard)
High School Colorguard (Marching Band) Def. Part 4

Examples are finished in Definition parts one through 3.
by All I want is PEACE. December 24, 2011
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