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1. Auxiliary
2. uses Flags most often to express band's song/show theme with colors/shapes along with some genres of dance/acting along with manipulating their equipment.
3. in equipment, may use rifle and/or sabre and sometimes the guard may spin non-equipment props or other unusual equipment such as an "airblade..."
4. helps the band earn more GE points (General Effect points from GE judge)
BOB: I hate the band's guard(High School Colorguard (Marching Band)), they look so silly!

BOBBY: Maybe YOUR BAND'S GUARD, but ours look like they are WORLD CLASS A. That's because your band's guard is 100% beginners.

BOB: How can you tell? All they do is nothing special...

BOBBY: *shows Bob a video of a popular Independent/Open/World A group winterguard*

BOB: Woah! that's not bad!
by All I want is PEACE. December 24, 2011
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