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This is typically a person of jewish decent. Its a great honor to be this. Usually a quite attractive person, but is a super simple bitch you can also call her No Booty Judy but she'll get mad and push you down ... :(
Person 1: hey what are you doing
Person 2: oh nothing just trying to find Natasha
Person 1: OMG shes such a high priestess jew
Person 2: loliknow but shes my high priestess jew
Person 1: oh lawdy shes a QT
Person 2: fuck off shes my no booty judy
Person 1: okay...i was just saying-
Person 2: shut up, leave......
#simple #jewish #natasha #derp #herp #<3
by l0$+b0y4lyf3 January 10, 2012
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