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Much like the 'High Five' the High Fizzle joins two hands briefly with a slap and usually followed by a kaboot.
DOOD! Hit me up with a High Fizzle! KABOOT!
by Spandy May 01, 2005

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Another word for a "high five" Just cooler.
Kim: So are comedies your favorite?
Bryan:Hell yes
Kim: -high fizzle-
Bryan: Fizzle?
Kim: yes, fizzle. I made up a word. com'on, you know it sounds good. It pretty much means "five"

Bryan: fizzle, hmmm you mean like wat soda does when u shake it? Clearly not a made up word
Kim: well true. well, I gave it another meaning. ;D
Bryan: too bad, if its not in the urban dictionary it doesnt exist
Kim: Pfffft. ill add it in.
by High Fizzler July 18, 2010