1. A really high-pitched fart

2. Referring to hard note to sing and/or play, or is the upper C
Bob: *high-pitched, slow moving fart.*
Joe: Wow Bob, you really nailed the High C on that one!
Bob: Thank you, I've, been practicing.
by CyNickSter December 27, 2010
Top Definition
Being high off Marijuana and Triple C's

A state of high in which the overrated saying "Im high as fuck" really is legit.
Chino: Im high off as fuck, this weed was some good shit.
Locster: Oyea you high af huh? Wait till these triple c's kick in, your gonna enter a whole new world.

*waits 30 minutes*
Chino: These triple c's aint kick in mane, triple c's suck yo.
Locster: Chill ene they'll kick in sooner or later, trust me.

*waits 30 minutes*
Chino: Dam im in a high ivbe never felt before, i feel so energetic and jumpy, robotic, this shit aint no joke. Im truly high as fuck. This is a whole different story for me.
Locster: Welcome to my world, my high. *head twitches*
now that was High C, get some Spice and you'll be Spicy, Ha.
by Chango Locz January 21, 2012

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