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A term relating to sexual matters that involve the British actor Tom Hiddleston. This term is often used by his fans, or more popularly known by the titles "Hiddleston Army", "HiddleArmy", or "Loki's Army".

This word can also refer to a type of sexuality in which they are devoted/attracted to Tom Hiddleston, and only Tom Hiddleston.
Girl One: Oh my god, isn't Tom Hiddleston just attractive?

Girl Two: I know, right? I'm going to go Hiddlesexual!

Girl: I'm sorry, I'm not interested in you anymore.
Boy: Why?!
Girl: Because I discovered Tom Hiddleston, my god.
Boy: Oh NO YOU'VE BEEN Hiddlestoned! YOU'RE Hiddlesexual! I think I am too!
-both fly off into the sunset with Loki posters-
by jotunned August 06, 2012