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Hibba means the most desirable and hottest person in the entire world and worlds,Hibba coupled with a last name that starts with "E" is used to describe a woman hotter than Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie and many others combined.

Two words : Damnnnn Girrrrrllll.
used as a synonym to define the expression "hotter than hell"
I.e "That is so Hibba "meaning that is hotter than hell.

Or used instead of the word sexual or something that is simply sexx.
I.e "You look so hibba in that red dress" meaning you look so sexual in that red dress.
by Urban METHOLOGY May 27, 2011
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Conjuction of "how" and "about". Derived from a long day at work and repeating the question "Can I go home?" followed by "How about now?"

Also inspired by Verizon's "can you hear me now"
"Can I go home? Hibba nah? Hibba nibba nah?"
by draeder December 23, 2004
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hibba my pimp mama
hibba is so damn hibbalicious
by Anonymous March 02, 2003
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a knotted rag resembling a face (similar to Wikko)with a P.h.d. in medical science.
Dude, dat's Hibba ova dare! he da onie docta in da USA!
by Joe McCloddenson May 01, 2004
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derives from the initials HB (hjemmebrent - Norwegian) which equals in english home-brew (moonshine). It became a often used word in the beginning of the millenia, and is thought to be invented in Sandnes/Norway.
"Eg huske ingenting, 1.betjent, eg drakk hibba igår" (I don't remember anything, officer, I was drinking hibba yesterday) - or "Koss kunne eg veda at hu va bare 14 år, eg drakk jo hibba for helvede!!" (How could I know she was only 14, I was drinking hibba goddamnit!!)
by Hee-bah August 27, 2003
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