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The act of jumping into action, to save or assist someone.
This is often accompanied by a goofy way of jumping to avoid obstacles, which might even be seen as cool.

In a lot of cases these jumps will fail, but is still counted as a hero jump, due to the effort put into assisting others.
You: "Did you see that guy hero jump over that fence?"
Random friend: "Yeah too bad his pants got caught on the fence!"

You: "Did you see that guy hero jump from that roof to get the old lady's purse back?"
Random friend: "Yeah too bad he failed the landing and sprained his ankle."

You: "Did you see that dog hero jump?"
Random friend: "Yeah it totally looked like a flying sausage!"
#hero #jump #goofy #pain #dumb
by MentalButcher March 05, 2012
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