An insanely amazing band hailing from Los Angeles California that consists of Stephanie Florescotron, vocals rhythm guitar and all around bad-ass, Neil Patrick, epic lead guitar and ladies man, and John, he plays the drums and quite a stud. Check them out on their myspace, facebook, or youtube!
Meg: "Hey guys, have you heard of that band Hero Status?"
Nick: "Oh yea. Those kids are insane."
Meg: "Pure talent."

otron meg & dia epic
by mehMER September 06, 2009
Top Definition
When you or a friend be getting everyone of the opposite sex attracted and sprung. It's usually more of a term for guys, but women can be hero status as well. A stronger term for the word would be Superhero status
Kris: Look at you with all your women. You ain't even doing anything, they just coming to you!
Darrien: Yeah I don't know man, just keeping it hero status!
by Kris Savvy August 26, 2009
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