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The gretest song ever made. It was made by the Metal group Slipknot, and sung by Corey Taylor. Very hard, very heavy, veary true to life. Man is simply 555. I am 6(sic)6.
I'm a pop star threat and I'm not dead yet
Got a super dred bet with an angel drug head
Like a dead beat winner. I want to be a sinner
An idolized bang for the industry killer.
A hideous man that you don't understand
Throw a suicide party and I'm guaranteed to fucking snap.
It's suicidic, It's pornoholic.
Breakdowns, Obscenities, It's all I wanna be.
If You're 555 then I'm 666.
If you're 555 I'm 666.
If you're 555 then I'm 666 (what's it like to be a heretic)
If you're 555 I'm 666. (what's it like to be a heretic)
by Hao Sama September 16, 2004

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