A maniacal lunatic, from rural Ontario Canada who sincerely believes that one day he will become "The People's Hero of Canada"
Oh, don't act like such a Henshaw!
Who do you think you are, Henshaw?
Your as crazy as Henshaw!
Your as maniacal as Henshaw!
Don't be such a Henshaw!
by Diggin,in,Simcoe August 09, 2011
Top Definition
General twat-ish sayings/speeches/jokes that fall flat. Can be used to replace the word "cunt" or "shit". i.e "What a Henshaw" or "Such a Henshaw joke!"
One man walks into a bar. Says ouch!

"Such a Henshaw joke!"
by MPC1993 March 12, 2013
Being in a state worse then dead but clinging on to his last few breaths. Waste of a life
U look awful, worse then henshaw
by Swithins February 02, 2006

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