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vandalism! Best used regarding revenge or retaliation.

The Henryton Sanitarium is outside of Baltimore Maryland and was abandoned in the 1980s. For the last 20 years it has been a Mecca for teenagers and anyone else who wants to destroy things. Pictures of the damage to this place can be found by Googling Henryton Sanitarium.

The phrase Henryton Maneuver was originally coined by teenagers who were planning to go there and vandalize the place. Now the phrase is used throughout Maryland to describe any act of vandalism especially as an act of revenge or retaliation.
"This asshole was fucking with me on the highway today, so followed him home and got his address. What do you say we throw down a major Henryton Maneuver on his car tonight?"

Last night we went to that old Bitch's house and engaged in a serious Henryton Maneuver.

When old people in the neighbor hood screw with us, they always get a Henryton Maneuver.
by Bagmister February 23, 2007
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