a man of wealth and taste. was married to more people than he could count. so he killed each one of them. killed more people than AIDS ever will. owner of a particularly cool beard, also created the song greensleeves and was a founding father of the UCHaI (union of checkers heroes and icons). would have been a big fan of kfc popcorn chicken
Henry - "oi, peasant, where's moi woif?"
Peasant - "i don't know sir..."
Aide - "sir he didn't commit a crime."
by failure33object April 24, 2005
Top Definition
King Henry the 8th was a fat king of England who created Parliment and didn't go to Chatholic Church he was a christian and had six wifes through out his life. He was the Father to Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth.

Rumor has it when he was so fat that when he dies he exploded in his coffin.
Didn't Henry the 8th explode when he died?

Thats what i was told.
by Finnerty January 21, 2010
When you are banging a chick so hard that her head gets stuck in the railing of the futon upon which you are fucking.
I Henry the 8th her so bad that I had to get the butter out!
by Kristea September 09, 2009
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