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1. (n.) A Tea Party-esque politician in the state of South Carolina who is running for governor, using his suit against H.R. 3962 (America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009) as political capital in a deeply conservative state.

2. (n.) A member in the all-white Forest Lake Country Club.

3. (n.) A politician who won't be getting my vote, and hopefully won't get yours either.
Henry McMaster will never get my vote.
#conservative #republican #south carolina #tea party #candidate
by liberalular April 24, 2010
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1. (n.) The act of harming the reputation of one's own state, trivializing one's political office, and attempting to garner support while running for a higher office by using political power to oppose a law unpopular among one's own constituency which is meant to benefit the people greatly.

2. (v.) To take action that is politically motivated with regard to one's own voting bloc.

3. (n.) A politician who claims Southern values but is really just another soldier in the vast army of know-nothings. A Republican whose membership in the Forest LaKe Kuntry Klub, whose charter excludes black people from becoming members, will likely derail his campaign to become governor of South Carolina. The current Attorney General of our poor, victimized state who is taking advantage of the Republican voting bloc's collective idiocy to promote himself, by challenging a constitutional law (H.R. 3962) in court. This law, which Republicans pejoratively call "Obamacare" (see Hillarycare) will expand medical coverage to some 300,000 South Carolinians.

Henry McMaster buys Internet advertisements at a rate rivaling the Church of Scientology. You may have seen one by looking up his name here on Urban Dictionary.

Henry McMaster will never get my vote.
1. Henry McMaster pulled a Henry McMaster when he sued the federal government in opposition to the new health care bill.

2. Henry McMaster Henry McMastered the Republican voters in South Carolina by opposing the new health care bill in court.

3. Henry McMaster is, in my opinion, a politician of the worst kind.
#south carolina #h.r. 3962 #republican #conservative #conservatard
by liberalular April 24, 2010
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