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1.)a asian guy who is kind to girls and good at study and origami. He is mostly quiet and quick. Like to help people.
Really intelligent and normally look distracted. so so at sport but good at racket. So So looking tall for his age. Hate annoy person love video games and play games related to real life. So So with the girls but nice. Will never hit a girl but know pressure point, kun fu, and wuick at making money. Mostly know instruments and know lost knowledge. Like creepy stuff and is alway shy to the girls. know unexpect thing that you may not know.

2.) a common name for people.
Person1: what is us henry

henry Chang: nothing

Person1 : ok
henry: where is my money
Person1: I will bring it tomorrow

girl: hi henry
Henry: hi

Girl; what are you doing

Henry; origami
by The Bluethunder October 15, 2012
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