When a group of women stand or sit in a circle and a.) gossip about other women b.) talk about nonsensical and/or useless information like Bravo, shopping, celebrities or Candy Crush c.) bitch about their husbands/fiancees/boyfriends who are making fun of them for their henning practices.
"Look at our wives over there, Henning it up."
#cackling #gabbing #mocking #wasting time #laughing
by Man Week! July 10, 2013
Top Definition
A given name mostly used in Germany and Scandinavia. If your name is Henning, you're probably extremly hot and incredibly good in bed.
Have you ever had a Henning before? No? You're missing out...
#henning #heinrich #heinz #johannes #hot #heinie
by missJeniffer February 16, 2010
En stærk joint.
For satan en henning vi fik os, det er lige så mit fjæs falder af.
#joint #doobie #fed #heimdal #spliff
by plök August 02, 2015
When playing hacky-sack, three people in a row kick the hack once and pass with that very kick.

If only one person does so it is a Brent.

If two people in a row Brent, it is a Douglas.
#brent #douglas #henning #bad at #hacky-sack
by Kash A. October 13, 2011
To sit on the toilet with clothes on prior to releasing your bowls. The point of this act is to heat the toilet seat up, like a hen sits on eggs to warm them.
1: Dude you can't shit with your pants on.
2: Dude, shut the fuck up, I'm henning.
1: AHHH FUCK, the seat's cold!
#poop #warm #pee #hen #hens #dude
by chaddwards March 27, 2010
when you take a shit but dont have time to wipe, leaving you with an itchy ass crack, and upon future wipage, it transforms into a bloody henning.
Damn it man, I didn't have time to wipe this morning, I bet by 5 I'll have the worst henning.
#blood #asshole #shit #wipe #fucked
by Tom Jennings January 06, 2008
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